12 is a full body sculpting program formulated to take the time for ourselves to CONNECT with our bodies, RELEASE tension, and REFRESH your routine.
The nearly 5 hour progressive -12 day program is designed to strategically tone and lift the body with a collection of unique Corps Technique workouts ranging from 15-40 min each day with minimal equipment needed.* FEEL more energized as we awaken the body’s movement patterns and discover a more lean, taught, version of you.

*included: equipment free guide

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  • Day 1: CONNECT

    In Day 1 we'll focus our energy into our center and establish an abdominal connection that will be progressively challenged throughout the program. Grab your mat and get ready to explore angles and unique sequences to ignite the abdominals and strengthen from within. No equipment needed. Time: 19...

  • Day 2: CIRCULATE

    Day 2 is all about creating a fluid flow of energy through strength and flexibility. While increasing circulation and length throughout our bodies, we'll pair full body, sculpting movements while increasing range of motion to put a rosy glow to our day. No equipment needed. Time 17 min.

  • Day 3: LIFT

    Day 3 is all about the tush and thighs! This sequence will bring a tone to those hard to tackle areas and lift the seat in gentle -but powerful way. No equipment needed. Time 29 min.

  • Day 4: LAYER

    In day 4 we'll get creative in adding to a series of full body movements that will not only strengthen and lengthen- they'll awaken coordination and flexibility. No equipment needed... knee padding optional. Time: 25 min.

  • Day 5: HOLD

    In day 5 we'll focus on the upper body while maintaining a strength throughout our center. We've really been challenging our bodies in the last couple workouts- so this is our opportunity to apply our hard work to a more isolating, upper body routine. Standing taller and energized throughout. Thi...

  • Day 6: FLOW

    Day 6 is a full body flow. We'll move through a gentle, sculpting flow that has includes a strong emphasis on toning the upper and outer thigh. No equipment needed. Time: 25 min.

  • Day 7: RESTORE

    Day 7 is a restorative release session. We've worked really hard up to this point and now let's reward our bodies with a series of stretches that will carry us through the remainder of the program and assist in achieving our maximum length through strength-type movements. No equipment needed. Tim...

  • Day 8: AWAKEN

    Let's get the ball rolling into Day 8. This series will have the detoxing benefits of rebounding while strengthening our core. We'll then progress into a serious sculpting ab routine - then moving to seat work and sculpting the inner thighs. Ball needed. Time: 38 min.
    (equipment free schedule inc...

  • Day 9: DEFINE

    In Day 9 we'll target the abdominals. This routine adds a series of twists to our movements to define the obliques. Notice the control you've gained (and definition) since our first ab workout on day 1.Great work!!! No equipment needed. Time: 17 min.

  • Day 10: ELONGATE

    In Day 10, we bring our focus to the bottom and thighs. We'll introduce more elongating top of thigh sequences in addition to a seriously sculpting seat routine. No equipment needed. Time: 22 min.

  • Day 11: IGNITE

    Day 11 brings the heat. We'll warm up and detoxify our bodies with a rebounder sequence- that can also be done on the ball. Then join me on the mat for a complete full body workout routine that will bring energy, and balance to our day. Time: 30 min.

  • Day 12: ENGAGE

    Day 12! We'll wrap our program with a full body routine that adds a weighted element to the upper body to challenge our stamina and strength. You should be noticing the changes in tone, strength, and mobility that have occured in just a matter of 12 days. Thank you for all your hard work and ener...

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